Midnight sun & nature Activities

Summer & autumn at Taiga Forest Lodge

Sweden in summer and autumn is all about the nature and the midnight sun. The majestic pine forest surrounding Taiga Forest Lodge offers peace and quiet for body and soul. Maybe you will meet the wild animals sharing the place with us while hiking trough the landscape.

Bring a basket and some Swedish fika and go for a hunt for food of the forest. In the late summer the arctic berries & mushrooms begin to ripen in the forest and on the mires. When you stay at Taiga Forest Lodge you can find lingonberries, blueberries, cloudberries and all kinds of mushrooms.

Self guided activities

Sweden in summer & autumn is the perfect time and place for outdoor activities in the nature.

Girl hiking in Sweden in summer


Wander the forest trail trough the amazing pine forest surrounding the Lodge. Here you can find berries and mushrooms to pick and if you are lucky you might spot some wild animals on your walk. 

Midnight sun swimming in a forest lake.


Take a swim in one of the many forest lake in the area. Maybe a swim in the middle of the night under the midnight sun.

Girl fishing in Swedish Lapland


In the area you will find streams and lakes where you can catch salmon, trout, grayling, perch & pike.

Miniatur golf in swedish summer


Challenge friends & family in miniature golf at the public activity site in central Nilivaara. 

Picking cloudberries


ick the forest’s treasures in the form of wild berries. Around the property you will find lingonberries, cloudberries and blueberries.

Booking request and information

Are you interested in knowing more about summer & autumn activities around Taiga Forest Lodge? Please send us a message and we will make our best to help you plan the most amazing trip to Swedish Lapland.

Emma & Mikael

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